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Contact LAT with your specific requirements. DDV-3000™ highly modular design facilitates site customizations.


DDV-3000™ Topologies

Due to DDV-3000™unique modular architecture, various customizations, including topologies are easily possible. To facilitate use, increase overall storage capacity or due to simple physical constraints, DDV-3000™ can easily adapt. Here are some possibilities:

In addition, any number of machines can be daisy-chained as needed to increase the overall capacity as needed.


Download DDV-3000™ datasheet (.pdf)

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50,000 foot view...

The "DDV-3000" allows complete physical protection of your CD/DVD/Blu-Ray/HD - based media. Access control is protected by conditions and rules that you specify. All activity is logged and automated alerts are issued if any of the predefined conditions are met.


A bit closer ...

Refer to the picture on the left.

All of the user actions are governed by the "access rules" layer as depicted in the diagram. Whether the user wants to load an item into the DDV-3000™ or retrieve an item from DDV-3000™ - all of these actions and more are controlled by the rules.

When and if the rules allow the transaction to proceed, all of the items are ultimately wound up in the Item Depository Silo or IDS. The IDS is essentially an automated, steel protected "vault" that safely houses all of the physical items that DDV-3000™ is responsible for.

Any transactions that are performed on the system, even if they are not successful, are completely logged in internal logs and databases. These logs serve as a detailed "trail" that allows post-action analysis and control.

In addition to detailed logging, detailed alerts can be setup. These alerts can generate a number of "actions" that DDV-3000™ can initiate based on specific criteria.

For example, if any of project data DDV's are ever retrieved by anyone, launch an email to the project manager that this has happened.

The "actions" that can be generated can be easily expanded and customized to fir your specific needs.

Here is some more detailed information on key components of the rules layer:

User Authentication

Looking at the right of the diagram, is a "blow-up" view of the "access rules" layer. As you can see, before anything can happen, the user must be authenticated to the DDV-3000™. This authentication can take on many forms. It can be as simple as a predefined password, something that is based on your existing network credentials, or as complex as biometric verifications. Any combination is possible as well. LAT will work with you to determine the best possible level of authentication required and pre-configure
DDV-3000™ to that standard.

Item Security

Similar to user authentication, item security has its own subset of rules and conditions that guarantee its integrity. The rules that apply to physical items are completely separate from the user rules. That is, a "high" rights user may still not be able to reach "sensitive" data elements stored in IDS. The item-level rules can be defined and controlled in a number of ways, largely based on your corporate policies and document management processes. Suffice it to say that DDV-3000™ can easily support a number of options where the item rules can be specified.


Download DDV-3000™ datasheet (.pdf)

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