FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can DDV-3000 be only in the data center environment?

Absolutely not. Due to its very small size, and steel protection, DDV-3000™ can easily fit in virtually any environment.

Does the system only work with CDs?

No. The system supports either CD/DVD/Blu-Ray or HD items. Essentially any disk-based storage can be secured and managed by DDV-3000™.

Are there any copyright or data infringement issues in using this device?

Absolutely not - DDV-3000™ only stores the physical media, it doesn't read it, change it or download it in any way. Therefore, no copyright or related issues exist at all.

What kind of administrative control will we have?

Most every control of the DDV-3000™ is done remotely with a specially empowered "administrator" user. With LAT-Central™ (an Enterprise Management Tool supplied with the system), you can perform a number of administrative functions. Some of these include live report generation, access control, rules definition, inventory holds, system control and various other functions.

Can one machine know the "inventory" of another?

Sure. There are a number of ways to accomplish this, if that is the requirement that you have,. Each DDV-3000™ can be setup to store its internal data to a global DB, such as SQL or Oracle, which will have rights setup so that other machines can access it. Via API calls, custom code can be developed to provide "transaction based mirroring", where any data movement transactions are communicated to other machines.

Instead of biometric devices, can I use our existing "smart card" technology for access and user authentication?

Due to DDV-3000™'s modular architecture, this option can be easily added as a plug-in. In most cases, this can be accomplished in the field by your technicians.

Is there extensive training required to use the system?

We provide complete hand-on training as well as on-line tools to teach your users to use the system. Due to unique user interface and on-screen guided, a typical user can begin using DDV-3000™ within an hour.

From a technical perspective, especially if there is a need for custom development, an on-going training program can be developed to assist the technical staff and/or programmers.

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