Our institution is vulnerable to insider or employee data theft.
65% Our institution considers insider threats to be as serious as outsider or hacker threats
About 21% estimate that unknown or unauthorized users get access to sensitive information at least 100 times per month
Source:Financial IT Security,
December 2006

DDV-3000 with 2 - bay access


DDV-3000 provides complete management and protection for your physical based media assets, such as CD / DVD / Blu-Ray / HD or any other optical media.

Extensive access control is provided based on the set of rules and parameters that you specify. All actvity is logged and remotely auditable on demand. Special automated alerts can be enabled to track acess to sensitive information or if any of the predefined conditions are met.

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Contact LAT with your specific requirements. Highly modular design of DDV-3000™ facilitates customizations to fit your needs.


Insiders present the greatest threat to unintended exposure of your sensitive data.

Only 33% of you are confident that you know exactly where all the confidential data you care about is located.

Source: RSA Security, 2007


Why is this important?

There are a number of security measures for data that resides on-line on your computer network. There are numerous passwords, biometric and other credential checks. There are automated "intrusion" programs, firewalls, packet software, virus scanners and other various things to protect access to, or ability to change this data.

What happens when that same data leaves the on-line world and enters into the off-line domain?

As soon as this same data enters the off-line in a form of a CD / DVD / Blu-Ray / HD or any other similar form, this data is no longer protected. It can be accessed, copied, possibly altered, removed or even destroyed.

Even if encryption is applied the data can be copied (and decrypted later), removed or destroyed.

Bottom Line:

All of the security provisions that you have spent money on to protect this data, no longer apply once it is off-line. To leave CD/DVD/Blu-Ray/HD data unprotected in some cabinet or even in a secure data center without any kind of access control is catastrophic.

With the advent of HIPAA, SEC 17a-3 and 17a-4, Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) and countless other compliancy restrictions, the DDV-3000™ is the only solution in the market that provides the "ultimate" in total data protection for your physicall asets.

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Dynamic Disk Vault - Physical data protection for various forms of optical media.